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Space Cards



Expand your empire with 37 new space cards available to expand on the existing cards or replace with these!

The expansion comes with new planets, nebula and new dangers and unusual space objects such as The Expanse, Hyperspace Zip Line, Node Alternator, Alien Starbase, Space Brain and more!

The cards that make up the game table can be placed in a huge variety of layouts which significantly increases game replaybility! From huge spiral galaxies for four players to smaller layouts for only two, Battle for Gallion's Reach makes sure that no two gaming experiences will ever be the same!

Variety of Game Layouts

Technology Advances

Using simple combat die mechanics, players gather fleets of star ships and battle for the riches of the galaxy. Fleets come in four specialized types: Battle Fleets, invasion Fleets, Siege Fleets and the ultimate power in the galaxy, the Planet Killer! Combat is kept simple yet fun and maintains the flavor of classic star ship combat.

Star Fleets

Action cards give players the opportunity to sabotage opponents, make or break alliances and spy on what the other Great Houses are up to.

Action Cards

Event cards are randomly drawn each turn and can change the fortunes of each player. From planetary rebellions, to new technologies and dramatic events, the Event Cards add a level of uncertainty to each game - for good or ill.

Random Events

Each Great House must make strategic choices as to what they will spend their resources and colonies on: ship building, star bases, planetary defenses or technological advances.

Each technological advance provides the player with an ability or advantage in the game. But most importantly, the only way to Gallion's Reach is through technology research.


Technologies are gained by levels. In order to obtain a level 3 technology, for example, the player must have a corresponding Level 2 technology prerequisite tech.

The Universe is ruled by an Emperor elected by the Great Houses of the galaxy. These are ancient societies ruled in feudal fashion. Each Great House has developed and evolved unique abilities and technologies. Each wants to sit on the Imperial Throne. Each wants to rule the galaxy. With the discovery of the Reach and the unlimited power it holds, even the Emperor's authority, wealth, armadas of ships and troops would be forced to submit to whomever could take control of it's awesome forces.


In Battle For Gallion's Reach, each player takes the role of head of one of Four Great Houses.


The Great Houses

The Wormhole begins to glow until its light fills the view screen nearly blinding the crew. Suddenly, the ships begins to inexorably move toward the gleaming rip in space-time.

 At long last your Great House will reap the rewards of the Reach. Power to overthrow the Emperor and rule Galaxy. But it was a long road to this place. Your House had to fight many great battles and spend many years and much wealth to fund advanced scientific research that would give you the ability to kick open this door into another universe.


BATTLE FOR GALLION'S REACH: FLEETS! is a grand strategic table-top game set in a fictional science fiction universe where each of two to four players takes on the role of leader of a faction attempting to conquer the galaxy. Hexagonal cards representing planet systems, nebulae, black holes and other space phenomena are laid out on a table. Each player moves fleets of ships across this playing surface attempting to acquire as many resources as possible so that they can build ships and research technologies which will give them the ultimate victory. Players build star ships, star bases and planetary defenses and use them to overpower their opponents. All the while each player researches technology. Victory can be achieved one of three ways: Military Conquest, Technological Superiority or Grab the Throne...or a clever combination of all three!


Designed as a simple, fast-playing game with depth and replayability for two to four players and can be played an average time of 3 to 6 hours.

There is no other space conquest board game quite like Battle for Gallion's Reach! Enter the wormhole and find out more about this fun and unique board game!