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Campaigns will be released one or two campaigns at a time. The initial Campaign Set will represent the 22nd Century Era I Earth-Romulan War and the 23rd Century  Era II with two campaigns: The Sol Campaign and the Klingon-Romulan Conflict

22nd CENTURY - Era I

SET 1 - Earth-Romulan War  2157-2160

- Sol Campaign

23rd CENTURY - Era II

1st Klingon-Federation War  2267

- Campaign for the Archanis Sector

Romulan Incursion of 2266

SET 1 - Klingon-Romulan Frontier Conflict

24th CENTURY - Era III

2nd Romulan-Federation War2311

Federation-Cardassian Wars  2347-2370

Tholian-Federation Conflict  2353

1st Borg Invasion  2365

Klingon Invasion of Cardassia  2372

2nd Borg Invasion  2373

2nd Klingon-Federation War  2372-2375

Dominion War  2373-2375

The Reman Threat  2379

Each campaign comes straight out of Star Trek canon history and lists the races involved, the ship classes, the actual ships, which captains are assigned to which ships, the objectives of the campaign as well as some fictional historical background material and set-up instructions.

Campaigns cover most of Federation history starting with the 22nd Century all the way to the 23rd and cover major conflicts between the many races and powers with ships modeled by Wizkids and seen in Star Trek television shows and films.

In the cases where players want to play a certain campaign but may not have the precise number of ships or exact ship types available, in most cases they can still play with a reduced number of ships and even switch-out classes of ships out with others that are available.

Squadrons/Task Forces have assigned commanders who decide where the Task Force will move and fight.

The system is flexible enough to allow players to add of subtract ships based upon the number of players available.

Players can even create their own campaigns.

What is the Attack Wing Campaign?

Players of the Wizkids miniatures game STAR TREK ATTACK WING can now add the ability to conduct entire campaigns on top of the existing tactical star ship game!  With the Campaign Set, players create star ship Squadrons/Task Forces with their star ships, assign squadron commanders, move their forces on the map of a region of space containing sectors where planets, nebula, sensor grids, badlands and star bases are located. Each sector represents a full table-top playing area for the miniatures game.

An ATTACK WING CAMPAIGN set consists of a small gridded empty space map, planet/nebula/badlands/sensor grid/star base markers and color coded numbered Task Force markers that represent a ship of group of ship. Each set comes with a set of simple special rules rules for campaign play. The Standard Rules are downloaded seperately and contain all the rules used in all Campaign sets.

The set can be downloaded and printed by the players. The downloaded files in PDF formatwill be free of charge.