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Power Play Games is three people, John Gallion, David Gallion and Elayne Gallion. We love games and two of us have been playting games - particularly strategy and wargames - since the early 1970's  

Our mission and intent is to design and develop games that appeal to our target audience: gamers who love strategy, confilct simulations both historical and science fiction-based.

We are always ready to hear from our customers about our products. Any suggestions and ideas are very welcome! Please use the comment form to tell us what you;d like to see in a game, any complaints of praises!

While we publish our games through The Game Crafter at this point, our main goal is to sell out games to publishers who have the means to properly promote, market, sell and ship our products to as many people world-wide as possible and concentrate on designing and developing great games.

We also give all thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior Y'shua for everything!

​John Gallion